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I am Unique’ka. My work is inspired by my life and the triumph of becoming proud of who I am.

Growing up in foster care, I learned about independence early in life. I didn’t have anybody pushing me to do the right thing. I raised myself. I’ve been in multiple foster homes and group homes. I went through my runaway stage. I looked for love in the wrong people.

In school, I was only really interested in my reading and writing classes. Although I made it to 12th grade, I dropped out. I didn’t have money for senior fees, prom, pictures or my tests. I was ashamed because I literally couldn’t afford senior year.

At age 17, I left school and started stripping. I was addicted to the money and the freedom I THOUGHT I had. I was stuck in my “I’m not working for nobody” mentality. In reality, I had many employers. I worked for every owner whose club I danced at and I worked for every man I danced on. I got my hair done and bought expensive costumes to impress men who didn’t care at all about who I was. I aimed to look better than every other girl in the club when all the men looked at us the same no matter who we thought we were.

For years, I lived that life every night. One day, I got tired of being stagnant. I became uncomfortable with the thought of settling for less than what I knew I deserved. I got tired of not being able to go to sleep with my son at night. I got tired of seeing the club, the girls and the customers. I lived a rough childhood, and I wasn’t about to continue the cycle as an adult. I wasn’t going to put my son through that lifestyle either. I decided to re-create myself.

I used my love for reading to study self-help and business books. The books influenced me to the point where I decided to live by them. I was obsessed with becoming successful, but more importantly becoming a better woman and mother.

At my breaking point, I began this journey to self-discovery. My mission is to build awareness of self-reinvention and how everyone is capable of reaching their full potential no matter what background you come from. 

You don’t have to be a product of your environment. Build your empire with the bricks and stones threw at you in the past.

- Unique’ka

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