UNIQUEKA'S Virtual Book Tour: STILL GLOWING UP in Texas

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Rediscovery is an element to self-reinvention. Visiting my family was a rediscovery moment for me in my own way. Going back to my roots made me rediscover who I was. I learned who my ancestors are and things about myself that were unknown to me before.

Being on The Road To Rediscovery podcast in Texas felt like the perfect space to give my first interview since me finding my family and to start my virtual book tour. Spending my birthday in Houston with my family was the perfect gift. Visiting my relatives in Louisiana was was so memorable because my aunt told me I even feel like my mother. Seeing my son play with his cousins while we were in Bradley, Arkansas made me proud to see him living the childhood I dreamed of.

Finding out about my mother's passing put me in a dark place. I went back to the foundation, The Glow Up. I wrote The Glow Up while I was in a dark space and it got me out the club after I applied the methods persistently. This time I was going through a grief that you can never fully get over. I read The Glow Up and made a new foundation....as solid as ever!


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