It was a privilege to join Catherine White from Washington on her podcast Rockstar Achievers. During this virtual interview, I am very transparent about my past and my purpose. Get deeper insight on why I changed and what my mission is going forward. It's important that I share how I started so that people actually see that success is attainable for everyone.

It is my goal to influence the strippers on stage, the foster child that keeps running away, the single mother, and the black sheep. Those are the people I aim to reach because I am them. I am not a different person because I evolved. I'm the same person with a different mindset that has allowed me to create a new lifestyle for myself.

This interview is for my people (those who are at where I used to be) to get to know me, where I come from and what I'm about. Listen to the full interview on https://audioboom.com/posts/7561038-don-t-wait-for-perfect-timing-build-your-empire-now

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